We start with a consultation for your needs and design The idea is then sketched Garment is created from scratch using precise body measurements 

We will work with you on the choice of Fabrics sourced right here in New York depending on the style, we will make the first pattern fit you once fitting is approved. We will cut the dress then you get a second fitting then the completed garment.

  1. Consultation and Design
    • Initial consultation to discuss needs and design ideas.
    • Sketching of the design based on the discussion.
  2. Garment Creation
    • Creation of the garment from scratch using precise body measurements.
    • Choice of fabrics sourced in New York.
    • First pattern fit to ensure the design matches expectations.
  3. Fitting and Completion
    • Muslin/Slip Fitting for adjustments.
    • Final fitting and pressing for the completed garment.

Women’s Custom Clothing

Vests                                          $300+

Skirts.                                         $350+

Dresses                                     $375+

Shirts                                         $170+

Knits.                                         $305+

Denim                                       $295+

Outerwear                            $1,100+

Tuxedo                                  $1,215+

Belts                                         $185+

Jackets                                              $625+

Suits                                                  $995+

Tuxedo                                           $1095+

Trousers                                          $355+

Denim                                              $295+

Vests                                               $355+

Shirts.                                              $175+

Polos                                               $195+

Knits                                               $360+

Outerwear                                     $795+

Outerwear Vest                             $430+